Miss Oranje

It was considered unsafe for me to know about it. Later, I found out the operation was based on the element of surprise. I was kept a close eye by the Axis, so anything suspicious surrounding me would be told to the higher ups.

However, when the operation started, I was told to go to Arnhem, seeing as my brother would be there to visit me.

He wasn’t there. Instead, this is what I saw:

The air was filled with parachutes. They belonged to the Allies. The plan was to get into Arnhem, to beat Nazi Germany and get home before Christmas. Arnhem was called “The Gate to Germany” by the Allies, so once they freed Arnhem, Germany was next.

The plan was to win back a number of bridges in the area, creating a route so the Allies could have a clear path towards Germany. Most bridges except one were conquered. The one in Arnhem. Unfortunately, the operation failed and not only did the war not end in time, this operation directly leaded to the Dutch famine of 1944. Aka de Hongerwinter.

And that I do remember.